Meesho, similar to some other online internet business commercial centers, follows a process for sellers to follow. One of these is to set up and create an account and then upload your product list. This could be simple if you are familiar with it, but for the uninitiated, it can be challenging.

NCRTechx steps in and helps you with Meesho list management. We take care of everything for you, starting with advising you on the advantages and disadvantages of Meesho, assessing your product portfolio and potential sales opportunities, and then assisting you by setting up your account and managing registration. This is followed by catalog creation and uploading your product list to your storefront on Meesho. We go beyond these services to even manage your account so you can focus on your business. We partner in your success.

To date, we have helped numerous retailers to go online and generate significant revenue. We have assisted startups and entrepreneurs to kickstart their business processes online. Our results speak for the quality of our services.


-Stock Administration of Items on Meesho

To sell on Meesho it is required to go through the Meesho account opening cycle. It additionally involves the accommodation of related business records as expected by Meesho. NCRTechx group of Meesho specialists handles this part for you.

-Enlisting your brand on Meesho

If you are the proprietor of your brand name or brand name and logo, it is fundamental to defend your IP freedoms on a web-based stage to forestall abuse and extortion. As a component of our Meesho accounts the board administrations get your brand name, brand name, and brand logo enrolled on Meesho.

-Finishing Brand Endorsement Strategy

The brand endorsement method is fundamental if a dealer wishes to sell marked items through his Meesho account. We deal with the Meesho brand endorsement process by first setting up your record and afterward transferring the brand-supporting archives to Meesho.

-Item posting on Meesho

NCRTechx Arrangement initially sets up your record at Meesho through its Meesho account and the board administrations. Whenever that is set up, our group makes content via title and item portrayals alongside item pictures and works close by your group to characterize and arrange things as well as cost them.

-Improve Your Rundown for the Meesho Web index for Better Perceivability.

Your items must be found when a client on Meesho looks for those things. To accomplish this result, our group takes fastidious consideration to guarantee that every item has a related title and meta tag as well as item depiction with catchphrases included.

-Stock Administration of Items on Meesho

Stock administration on Meesho is basic for your image notoriety and accomplishment as well concerning productivity. NCRTechx Arrangements, India’s prime Meesho account executives specialists, take on stock administration on Meesho for your sake. This includes keeping everyday tabs on items being sold and on items being returned under any condition.

-Request The executives

Orders need to be sent as fast as could be expected. Here as well, NCRTechx’s specialists keep live tabs on your provider board and set it up with the goal that warnings are gotten on your PC as well as your telephone to caution you and to empower you to set up the item for that very day shipment. All such orders got and executed are properly recorded.

-Ad The board on Meesho

Meesho offers the office of list ads or supported promotions upheld by measurements and item suggestions. It offers a promotion model like Google’s PPC. The shrewd thing to do is to know which item to promote and when to get the greatest traffic and transformations.

-Advertising Administrations of items

NCRTechx Arrangements, your agreeable and master Meesho list specialist co-op, handles the advertising of your items on Meesho, through web-based entertainment channels and site improvement and web index showcasing procedures. We foster custom methodology for every client and every item class.

-Client care

Clients anticipate brief and positive reactions. We comprehend that you will be occupied to the point that there might be delays. NCRTechx Arrangements will oversee client care and communications for your sake, answering rapidly and decidedly to create a positive impression of your shop and your items. Support is taken care of through audits on your pages on Meesho.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly Asked Questions

Yes, starting from Oct 1st 2023, even sellers with Composition GSTIN can register and sell on Meesho.

Sellers without a GSTIN can register by obtaining an Enrolment ID / UIN from the GST website. Once you have your Enrolment ID / UIN, you can sign up for free on Meesho. All you need is a bank account and an Enrolment ID or UIN

You can get your Enrolment ID or UIN by registering as an e-ecommerce seller on the GST website

GSTN requires Enrolment ID / UIN and Composition GSTIN sellers to sell only within their registered states. The state you register during Enrolment ID or Composition GSTIN registration will be considered your registered state.

  • For Sellers with Enrolment ID / UIN: If your total annual net sales (on Meesho and otherwise) exceed INR 40 lakhs, further sales on Meesho will be restricted unless you obtain a GSTIN. For northeastern states, this limit is INR 20 lakhs.
  • For Composition GSTIN Sellers: If your total annual net sales (on Meesho and otherwise) exceed INR 1.5 crores, further sales on Meesho will be restricted unless you obtain a regular GSTIN. For northeastern states, this limit is INR 75 lakhs.
  • Reselling with Meesho is a way of running your own business with zero investment. As an entrepreneur, you share products listed on the Meesho app either with your network or on social media and earn a profit with every sale. There are more than 2.5 lakhs products listed on the app through which you can browse. The products are provided by suppliers, who have a tie-up with Meesho. Reselling with Meesho is an easy way of working from home and earning huge profits.
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