Marketplace Success Case Study

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The client offers insights into holistic health solutions and wellness services. Their about page likely showcases their mission, values, and the range of services they offer, which could include anything from yoga and meditation to nutritional counseling and alternative therapies

This customer had little product awareness and no brand recognition prior to working with us. This was due to the improper targeting of their products, which prevented them from operating as intended. Furthermore, their advertising campaigns lacked optimization. Their advertising cost of sales was rising as a result of low sales and heavy spending. Their Amazon presence was becoming an unproductive affair due to all these concerns. For this reason, they made the decision to work with NCRTechx in order to receive some outside assistance.

Creating campaigns specifically for a given product is the best method to boost sales. We focused on certain, high-performing products since they had the best possibility of becoming sales. We enhanced all aspects of the client’s pre-existing campaigns, including targeting criteria, ad copy, bids, and more.

Next, in order to keep the advertising budget under control, we set a daily budget cap. In this manner, we may avoid going over budget and instead focus our efforts on increasing sales. We also put the negative keyword strategy into practice, which keeps the ad budget from going to waste on pointless search searches. This made it even easier to target the proper group of people.

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