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We provide a wide range of e-commerce service solutions

We are an eCommerce service provider that specializes in platform-specific support for merchants on JioMart, Amazon, and Flipkart, as well as payment integration and marketing. Our services, which maximize sales and improve customer interaction in the online marketplace, include brand onboarding, product listing, A+ listing, brand store construction, and category approval.

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Amazon Seller Services

NCRTechx: India’s premier Amazon merchant account management service provider, offering comprehensive solutions for success on the platform. From setup to optimization, we handle it all, ensuring growth through expert management and adherence to Amazon's guidelines.

Amazon Global Services

NCRTechx, a pioneering force, integrates seamlessly into Amazon's Global Service Provider network, revolutionizing service standards with innovative technology and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, reshaping global e-commerce dynamics.

Flipkart Seller Services

NCRTechx is pleased to become a member of Flipkart's SSP Network. It provides full launch and brand management support, utilizing its vast experience to help brands and sellers reach new heights in the ever-changing e-commerce marketplace.

JioMart Seller Services

NCRTechx, a cornerstone of JioMart Seller Services, provides a user-friendly platform for inventory, order, and customer management, offering valuable insights to empower sellers and foster growth in the competitive e-commerce ecosystem.

Meesho Seller Services

NCRTechx assists sellers with Meesho list management, from account setup to product listing and ongoing account management, ensuring a seamless online business experience. We've successfully helped numerous retailers and startups generate significant revenue online.

Limeroad Seller Services

NCERTechx offers expert guidance for managing listings and records on Limeroad, ensuring a smooth start for online sellers. Our experienced team navigates all complexities to help launch your products successfully on this top e-commerce platform.

Brand Onboarding

Use our brand onboarding solution to forge a fruitful collaboration. smooth experience catered to the requirements of your brand. With, you can confidently start your e-commerce adventure.

A+ Listing

Enhance your merchandise by utilizing our A+ Listing service. engrossing narrative, clever optimization, and captivating images. Make an impression and increase conversion rates with NCRTechx.

Brand Store Create

Our brand store creation service ensures a seamless e-commerce launch customized to your needs, blending advanced technology with digital marketing expertise for a secure and successful online presence.

Category Approval

Category approval, integral to our e-commerce suite, expedites platform compliance, facilitating swift and successful online launches. We ensure your products meet standards, accelerating your entry into the digital market.

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