Digital Marketing Ads Analysis Case Study

Analyzing ncrtechx digital marketing ads: Leveraging targeted content across multiple channels, they increased brand visibility, generated leads, and established thought leadership, showcasing the effectiveness of data-driven strategies in

The client, known for their dedication to promoting healthy eating and lifestyle choices, offers a diverse range of products, including jawar puffs and watermelon seeds. Their about page likely provides information on their mission, values, and commitment to providing nutritious food options and helpful resources to support overall well-being.

This customer had little product awareness and no brand recognition prior to working with us. This was due to the improper targeting of their products, which prevented them from operating as intended. Furthermore, their advertising campaigns lacked optimization. Their advertising cost of sales was rising as a result of low sales and heavy spending. Their Amazon presence was becoming an unproductive affair due to all these concerns. For this reason, they made the decision to work with NCRTechx in order to receive some outside assistance.

Our strategy is to increase revenue by optimizing high-performing items and campaign components. To guarantee effective spending and accurate targeting, we employ negative keyword techniques and daily budget restrictions. Reach is increased, and targeted demographics are successfully reached by utilizing Google advertisements and meta advertisements. We are available to help you optimize the impact of your advertising if you have any issues or require assistance with your campaign.

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